A Strong Alliance in the Fight Against Coronavirus COVID-19

With our Additive Alliance Against Corona we would like to establish support and develop all kinds of activities in the fight against the impact due to the COVID-19 virus. We want to combine the efforts of the Additive Manufacturing industry by connecting the players in the market and coordinating possible aid measures e.g. if you need support to fill a gap in your supply chain.

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Alliance Partners Ready to Support

3D-Laserdruck GbR, Germany
CA Models, United Kingdom
Cumberland Additive, United States
Erpro Group, France
FORECAST3D, United States
Fraunhofer IAPT, Germany
Freeform Technology Ltd, United Kingdom
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
HT Laser OY, Finland
JP 3D-TecVision GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing, United States
Laserinstitut der Hochschule Mittweida, Germany
M&H CNC-Technik GmbH, Austria
Materialise NV, Belgium
mawe presstec GmbH, Germany
Meissner Formentechnologie GmbH, Germany
MIMO TECHNIK, United States
MonaLab GmbH, Austria
Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH, Germany
PARARE GmbH, Germany
ProtoShape GmbH, Switzerland
RMIT University, Australia
Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Rosswag GmbH, Germany
Tangible Solutions, United States
The University of Central Florida, United States
The State of Ohio, United States
TU Graz/ Graz University of Technology, Austria
ZARE Srl, Italy
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Leveraging 3D-Printing During a Crisis

One of the biggest advantages of 3D-printing is the rapid response time in being able to produce a product. COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly and we need fast solutions to save valuable time. With our patented multi-laser technology we are able to produce important high-quality components e.g. mold construction or plastic injection tooling in only a few days.

Conventional manufacturing processes often need several months to provide the required part.

Want to learn more about 3D-printing? Read this interview with Ralf Frohwerk, Global Head of Business Development of SLM Solutions and find out how 3D-printed molds can help in the fight against Covid-19!

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Let's Work Together

We believe this is a time to be united. We would like to offer our many years of expertise, our existing resources and our network to actively contribute to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis. If you need any kind of support, want to share your ideas, skills, expertise and networks, please fill out the contact form. This is your open invitation to join forces with us in leveraging metal additive manufacturing in any way we can to beat the COVID-19 virus.

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Use Cases and Current Initiatives

Materialise - Development of Medical and Protective Devices

The global 3D printing company Materialise does not see any doubt about the fact that additive manufacturing is a powerful enabler of speedy innovation and uses 3D printing technologies to fight against Covid-19. The company works on several fronts to respond to the global pandemic, for example on the development of certified medical devices to help patients or protective devices for healthcare workers. Get to know more about Materialise projects here.

Manufacturing & Advocacy Growth Network (MAGNET), Injection Mold Production

Wixom, Michigan, June 3, 2020 – As part of its Additive Alliance Against Corona initiative, SLM Solutions has metal 3D printed plastic injection tooling molds that help produce face shield headbands for the Manufacturing & Advocacy Growth Network (MAGNET), a manufacturing consulting firm in Ohio. SLM Solutions 3D printed the molds in its Wixom, Michigan facility enabling MAGNET to save time and money in additively manufacturing the tooling needed to produce the face shields quickly. Get more info here.

RMIT - Face Shield Production

Engineers of Australian RMIT University are stepping up to shield healthcare workers from infection. A team called the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct (AMP) has produced 950 prototype face shields to protect clinicians from airborne droplets that can carry the Covid-19 virus. The shield consists of an A4-sized overhead projector sheet attached to a plastic support frame produced by RMIT, and held on by hair ties or elastic bands. Read more about this project here

Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Due to the corona virus, Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH has expanded its production and now also manufactures breathing masks and protective visors as part of its daily business. The specialist for 3D printing did not hesitate to donate the protective equipment, which is so important these days, to old people's homes, medical practices and public institutions. "Innovation is our business. As the largest additive contract manufacturer in the North, we provide support where help is most urgently needed. Our conviction is that as entrepreneurs we also always have a social responsibility," says G. Sodeikat, Managing Director at Rolf Lenk. And so the printers at Rolf Lenk are currently no longer standing still due to the high demand.

Get more information here.

Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM) - Printing Molds

"SLM® machines do it faster!” That was the conclusion of Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM) in North Carolina when they started printing molds that were typically milled. In the fight against the Covid-19, crises molds are urgently needed to produce face shields and other items. KAM already had the parameters worked out on their SLM Solutions AM machine. This lead to fast build rates and they were able to 3D print an entire metal mold in five hours! Find out more about that story here

TU Braunschweig - PPE-Initiative by TU Braunschweig

Prof. Meinhard Schilling and his team have set up a network of local companies in injection molding and tooling to produce and distribute face shields for the use caregivers while patients are being treated. In collaboration with SLM they are currently expanding this network to increase the production capacity by adding further partners as well as establishing the supply chain and production of other urgently needed personal protection equipment (PPE) such as breathing masks. In this effort, multiple players from Germany are being contacted to investigate whether they can contribute a key component to this supply and production network, e.g. materials supply, production or distribution capacity.

The team is seeking support and connection to other local and regional networks. The aim is to work and help beyond regional support and to establish a robust supply and production network that will be active throughout the pandemic situation which is expected to last for many months.

TU Berlin - Initiative for Manufacturing Important Medical Spare Parts

Das 3D-Labor an der TU Berlin hat mit diversen Partner*innen eine Initiative gestartet, um wichtige medizinische Ersatzteile zu fertigen:

Mehr Informationen

Siemens - Additive Manufacturing Network

Connecting 3D Print Services to Fight COVID-19

There is a growing shortage of medical devices necessary to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Siemens opens its AM Network Platform to everyone who requires medical device design or print services. Through the network, you can reach designers and suppliers worldwide who will prepare the parts needed to keep your medical center running. Click here to learn more.

TU Graz - Initiative for Manufacturing Medical Components


The technical university of Graz leverages the rapid response time of 3D printing to fight against coronavirus by manufacturing urgently needed face shields. The reusable plastic face shields are developed in-house and delivered to hospitals of Steirische Krankenanstalten GmbH, where they have been tested during daily routine.

Thanks to the initiative of Hans Peter Schnöll (TU Graz), Christian Ramsauer (TU Graz) and Philipp Metnitz (Med Uni Graz), around 300 masks per day can be produced using 3D printing technology. The TU Graz pilot series includes 10,000 units. Through cooperation with two Austrian companies, the product is currently being transferred to series production so that the number of units can be increased even further and additional medical care facilities in Austria can be supplied.

More information about the individual components can be found here

In addition, TU Graz participates in initiatives in the field of metal-based additive manufacturing. 3D printing, for example, shows its enormous potential in injection mold construction, which can be used to produce individual components for respirators. More information on this project can be found here.

CA Models - Medical Devices

UK based company CA Models, specializes in rapid prototyping and is a user of Selective Laser Melting technology. They have been working on different medical devices to fight against the further spread of COVID-19. CNC machining ventilator parts and 3D printed visors have been printed for donations to NHS Scotland. Click here and check their LinkedIn channel to get the latest information. 


Student Design Challenge Against Corona

We call on all students of Engineering studies to submit their product or industrial design ideas that could help fight the COVID-19 virus. Please fill out the contact form and be an important part of our Additive Alliance Against Corona.

Deadline for participation is September 15, 2020. All submitted ideas will be evaluated by a jury of five experienced AM experts taking into account the following criteria:

1. The greatest possible benefit for use in the event of a crisis
2. Technical feasibility using metal-based 3D printing
3. Most innovative design
4. Interdisciplinary feedback on possible applications

The three best designs will be manufactured on an SLM® machine and will be awarded the following prize money:

1st place:   1.500 €
2nd place: 1.000 €
3rd place:     500 €

The first place design will also be presented in SLM Solutions‘ 2020 formnext booth in Frankfurt, Germany. Formnext is the world’s leading trade exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing. We are looking forward to many interesting and helpful ideas.


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